Here you can exercise in practical shooting - an interesting and dynamic type of shooting sport, which combines high-rate fire with quick moving around the shooting range.
"STEEL ARGUMENT" is one of the largest indoor shooting ranges in Europe
There are four shooting ranges with different configurations and purposes, open air airsoft playground, gun shop, gun repair factory, cafe, interactive laser shooting range, small archery field.

We took into account all weapon owners' preferences and implemented the most advanced technologies in the equipment of the shooting ranges. Here you have a possibility to use different types of guns of various purposes and calibers, from pneumatic to firearms (maximum caliber 338).

In our shooting club you can get a wide range of trainings, rifle zeroing, to take participation in seminars, competitions, arms exhibitions etc.

You can also attend Equides club where you can find:
- Horse riding and riding lessons.
- SPA.
- Golf.
- Restaurant.
- Hotel.

There is a great opportunity to attend the shooting range and spend a wonderful weekend with the whole family or arrange a birthday party, as well as the opportunity to organize an interesting and useful corporate party.

Because we are better
  • 20-meter pistol gallery for practical shooting;
  • 20-meter gallery "Interactive shooting gallery" with 12-meter screen
  • 25-meter pistol gallery (6 shooting spots)
  • 100-meter combined shooting gallery containing:
- Three shooting spots for firing up to 100 meters;
- Three rifle spots for tactical shooting;
- One shooting spot for quick fire up to 35 meters (moving target)
- Tactical field for practical shooting (gun, carbine) with 100 m, 60 m, 30 m distances;

Exhibition of exclusive weapons from the best European manufactures

You will be surprised by exclusive hunting weapons from all over the old Europe. The oldest weapon houses that have been making exclusive hunting weapons for hundreds of years will demonstrate their best crafts. The weapons of P. Hofer, G. Fuchs, Heym, Springer, Hausmann, Blackwater Ammunition and others will be presented.
Well-known manufacturers will answer all your questions personally.
Dates and venue: November 1-3, 2018, SPORT SHOOTING CLUB.
Address: Vyshneva str, 36, Lisnyky, Kyiv region, Ukraine
Book your tickets by phone call: +38 (050) 461 11 21
Our prices
Package proposals
Package «Junior»
  • Pneumatic weapon
  • 4,5 mm ammunition
  • Interactive 30-meter shooting range
Your kid will take part in the interactive hunting imitation firing air gun in complete safety and controlled by our instructors.
₴ 300
Package «First steps»
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition 9х19, 25 items
  • Instructor
  • Personal lane

₴ 700
Package «For Beginners»
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition 5,6 mm, 50 items
  • Instructor
  • Personal lane

₴ 800
Package «Sportsman»
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition 9х19, 100 items
  • Special equipped firing range (rental time – 1 hour)
  • Special targets

Package «Instructor»
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition 9х19, 300 items
  • Special targets
  • Special equipped firing range (rental time – 1 hour)
Package is available for groups up to 4 persons

₴ 4200
Rental proposals
Shooting spot in
  • 100 m shooting range
  • 25 m shooting range

₴ 600
Price for 1 hour
Shooting spot in
  • 100 m shooting range
  • 25 m shooting range

Price for half-hour
Tactical pistol shooting range
₴ 600
Price for 1 hour
100 meter shooting range for tactical shooting
By purchasing ammunition from us you receive 30% discount on range fee
₴ 2500
Price for 1 hour
Firearms rent from
Air gun rent from
(for the group of people over 3 persons + ₴100 per person)

₴ 300
Price for 1 hour
Paper target
₴ 25
Moving target
₴ 75
Visit us :
Cell phone: +380 (50) 335 34 04


Address: Chapaeva str, 36, Lisnyky, Kyiv region, Ukraine

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